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BIMINI TWIST 107 sec. AIFF (780 k demo)


Caribbilly Song Clips:
Aches 'n Pains
Big Money Blues
Oh Hurricane

Caribbilly for Connoisseurs

"Caribbilly For Connoisseurs"



Michael Steinbrook produced "Bimini Twist," for South Florida recording artist Sonny Russell, released in July 2000. On May 21, 2002, Bimini Twist was chosen Best Country Album 2001 at the Florida Music Awards. The following is a brief bio on Michael.

As a teenager in hometown, Chillicothe, Ohio, Michael played electric guitar in The Regents, a rock/jazz garage band, formed at age 15 in 1961. The Regents played every venue imaginable including some wild OSU fraternity parties in the mid-sixties, and on the popular Columbus teen television show, Dance Party.

In 1969, Michael joined the Columbus, Ohio Xerox Corporation sales team for eight years, followed by five years at WNCI Radio as local sales manager, where in 1977, after returning from a South Florida vacation, he convinced the Program Director to add Jimmy Buffett's new single Margaritaville to the stations extremely short top hits playlist. This made ABC Records, Jimmy Buffett and Peaches Records very happy, and helped Buffett build his loyal Ohio fan base that became known as Parrot Heads, as named by Jimmy and Timothy B. Schmit, on stage, at a concert at the Kings Island Tennis Complex, north of Cincinnati

As a songwriter, Michael is credited with ten releases by Sonny Russell, including "Florida Wildlife", "The Silent Treatment", "Aches 'n Pains", "Loxahatchee", with cowrites on "Bimini Twist", "Tequesta Moon", "The Clubhouse", Just Can't Say Good-bye", "Big Money Blues" and "Oh Hurricane" which are featured on the Sonny Russell CDs to the left.

"Caribbilly" was coined in 1996 by Michael to describe to a newspaper reporter, the musical style of North Carolina native, friend and cowriter Sonny Russell, who many say "sounds like a combination of John Conlee and Jimmy Buffett."

In the fall of 1997, after two years of writing, rewriting, recording, rearranging and re-recording songs on two ADAT digital recorders, Steinbrook and Russell released Russell's first CD Caribbilly For Connoisseurs, featuring songs from ten Titlewave Music Group, BMI writers. The second CD "Bimini Twist" involved four songwriters, Michael Tschudin, Jim Caughlan, Sonny Russell and Steinbrook.

A member of the Country Music Association since 1994, Michael lists his musical influences as various, from Eddie Cochran, The Ventures, Fats Domino, Bill Doggett, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Chet Atkins and Elvis, to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Buddy Holly and Merle Haggard.

"The first professional songwriter I met was Mac Davis back in 1973. Mac wrote "In The Ghetto" "Don't Cry Daddy" "Memories" "A Little Less Talk" and others for Elvis, "Watching Scotty Grow" a career making hit for Bobby Goldsboro, plus his many personal hits like "I Believe In Music" "Stop And Smell The Roses" and dozens more. Spending time with Mac and his touring band members, comprised of Thad Maxwell and John BeLand (members of The Burrito Brothers) and Jefferson Kewley, guitarist from Alice Cooper's band and The Jerry Garcia Band, and Dennis Conway, drummer for Alice Cooper, elevated my perspective and interest in the behind the scenes aspects a touring recording artist encounters before the music comes out of the radio and on commercial recordings," says Steinbrook.

Michael suggests "the best thing any fan can do, is to get out and see their favorite artist's live show, in the smallest possible venue. Some living legends are performing and will be in your area soon, so go see them, and also support your favorite regional/local artists as well."



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